When someone says “dental care” people tend to think of teeth cleanings, cavities, and cosmetic dentistry. One of the most overlooked forms of dentistry that people prefer to subconsciously shift out of their train of thought is tooth extractions. Nobody wants to think about dental procedures like tooth extractions, as is a rather cringe-worthy topic to discuss, but it is important to know general information about tooth extractions so that you have hopefully avoid needing it yourself at some point in your life.

Hazel Dell Dental Care, your Vancouver dental care provider, understands that tooth extractions are an undesirable topic to discuss, but it is our hope that in today’s blog you will find some information that might keep you from needing to schedule a tooth extraction appointment with us.

What Is A Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction is a semi-invasive dental procedure that is used to fully remove one or more teeth that can no longer be treated. As your Vancouver dental care provider it is our wish to save as many people from needing tooth extractions by providing preventative services like cleanings and responsive services like crowns and root canals, but if a damaged to goes untreated for too long it simply becomes unsalvageable.

Why Might You Need A Tooth Extraction?

As we stated above, some teeth simply must be removed — that is the sad fact of the matter. Below, we have listed the three most common reasons that people seek tooth extraction services here at Hazel Dell Dental Care.

Infection – As we briefly spoke of above, if a damaged tooth is left untreated for too long, it may need to be removed. This “damage” that we are speaking of is decay that is caused by tooth infections. Infections can occur in a tooth when the blood vessel in the center of the tooth is exposed to bacteria as a result of tooth decay. If the tooth is not treated with a corrective treatment like a crown of a root canal, the tool will likely be lost.

Risk Of Infection – Sometimes, teeth may need to be pulled as a result of the risk that they might become infected. In some instances, infections can be caused by treatments like chemotherapy, resulting in the need for the tooth, or teeth, to be extracted.

Crowded Mouth – While it might seem like a rare issue to have, it is actually quite common for people to have what’s known as a crowded mouth. A crowded mouth can cause a number of issues ranging from causing teeth to be crooked, or not allowing teeth to break through the gum. One of the most common examples of an overcrowded mouth is that of wisdom teeth, and their common inability to find adequate space in the mouth.

What Is Extraction Like?

The manner in which your tooth will be is determined by if your tooth is impacted or not. Some tooth extractions can be relatively easy, with the procedure consisting of the injection of a general anesthetic and a quick pull, but if the tooth is impacted, it might require a more technical extraction. When a tooth is impacted, the dentist may have to cut away gum and bone tissue and “wiggle” the tooth, or crush it, until it is removed.

We Hope To See You for Another Reason Other Than Tooth  Extraction

While yes, Hazel Dell Dental Care is your source of dental care in Vancouver, we would much rather see you for preventative care like teeth cleaning than a tooth removal — and we have a feeling that it would be more enjoyable for you as well. So come on in to schedule a cleaning today! We look forward to helping you clean up your smile! Contact us today to schedule an appointment, or to ask about our Vancouver dental care services.

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