When most people think of dental issues they think of chipped, dirty, or damaged teeth. While yes, those are all adequate reasons to seek Vancouver dental care, dental issues can also refer to issues with the jaw or mouth. A common example of a dental disorder that has to do with the jaw is Temporomandibular dysfunction, more commonly known as TMJ syndrome.

As a dental services provider in Vancouver, Washington, we have had a number of our patients come in with jaw pain that they thought was a result of a tooth issue when in reality they were suffering from TMJ syndrome. In today’s blog post we will be discussing TMJ syndrome, what it is, and what your local Vancouver dental care provider, Hazel Dell Dental Care can do to help.

What Is TMJ Syndrome?

TMJ syndrome is a common joint irritation issue that people experience that is quite easy to diagnose as it generally feels like a dull pain in your jaw that runs along the joint. TMJ syndrome is developed by habitual awkward joint movements, as well as normal wear and tear. The warning signs of TMJ can be hard to initially diagnose, as symptoms are different for everyone and can range from a clicking jaw to terrible neck pain.

How Do We Diagnose TMJ Syndrome?

Well, as we said above, the warning signs are different for everyone, meaning Dr. Kelstrom might be able to diagnose someone simply by listening to them describe how it feels, while others require a more in-depth diagnosis. If you suspect that you have TMJ syndrome your dental care provider will likely listen to, and feel, your jaw as you open and close it, take note of your hinging jaw motion, and press on areas of your jaw to see where your pain is originating from.

If it is more serious, and harder to diagnose, your Vancouver dental care provider might take an x-ray or suggest that you have a CT scan.

How Do You Treat TMJ Symptoms?

As if we haven’t said it enough, TMJ symptoms are different for everyone, meaning they are treated many different ways. Some people have minor enough cases that they leave their dental care provider with the instructions to simply take it easy and wait until it goes away, while other more serious cases might need medication, therapy, or surgical procedures to relieve their discomfort. Regardless of the severity of your TMJ symptoms, visiting Dr. Kelstrom of Hazel Dell Dental Care is the first step towards your temporomandibular joint recovery.

For TMJ Syndrome Relief, Come To Hazel Dell Dental Care

If you have jaw pain, we urge you to come to visit us at Hazel Dell Dental Care, as it could be a simple case of TMJ syndrome. The sooner that you come to visit us, the sooner Dr. Kelstrom can diagnose, and develop a treatment plan for your TMJ issues.

Does your jaw feel fine? Then why don’t you come in for one of our other dental services like teeth whitening, cavity fillings, and teeth cleanings? So what are you waiting for? Contact us to schedule an appointment with your local Vancouver dental care provider.

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