The future is here, and it doesn’t have to include braces! In the past, if you wanted a beautiful, healthy smile with perfectly aligned teeth, wearing braces for a period of a year or more was your only option. Thanks to the Invisalign system, you now can achieve the smile of your dreams without having to deal with brackets, wires and rubber bands. Invisalign gives you the ability to straighten your teeth through a series of virtually-undetectable clear molds. These molds work to gradually align your teeth until the final results have been achieved. Hazel Dell Dental Care is proud to offer Invisalign to our Vancouver-area patients.

Invisalign Expectations

Here’s what you can expect when you choose the Invisalign system for your orthodontic needs:

No Restrictions on Eating- Yes, you read that right. Unlike braces, which come with a long list of foods to avoid, you can continue to eat anything you want with Invisalign. This is because you are able to remove the clear alignment guides before each meal, as long as you make sure to put them back in place as soon as you are finished eating. Ice cream, toffee, popcorn- enjoy it all! Nothing is off-limits with the Invisalign system!

Easy Care- While braces can sometimes be difficult to brush and floss around, maintaining a proper oral hygiene regimen with Invisalign is as simple as popping out your clear alignment guide and brushing and flossing normally. Caring for the alignment guides themselves is just as simple- by taking care to thoroughly rinse and gently brush them each time you brush to avoid buildup of saliva and plaque, you can keep your alignment guides fresh and clean with no trouble at all!

Practically Invisible- Let’s face it: nobody wants to be the 40-year-old with braces. In past years, people of a certain age have felt they were too old for orthodontic care and resigned themselves to crooked teeth and a mis-aligned bite simply because they didn’t want to wear braces as an adult. However, the clear Invisalign trays are virtually undetectable from far away, and much less noticeable up close, which gives adult patients the ability to straighten their teeth and improve their bite without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed. Invisalign is also great for pre-teens and teenagers who don’t want to call attention to their teeth each time they talk or laugh.

If you think Invisalign may be the right choice for you, call Hazel Dell Dental Care today to schedule an initial consultation. We are currently accepting patients in and around the Vancouver, WA area who dream of a beautiful smile without the hassle of braces. Call 360-901-2949 to get started on the road to a smile you can’t wait to show the world!