Periodontal disease causes more teeth to be lost now days than tooth decay. Once the disease is entrenched around the tooth, the supporting bone is gradually destroyed, eventually leaving the tooth painfully loose. Then the tooth would need to be removed.

The main treatment has been frequent visits to the hygienist to have the roots meticulously cleaned and then in more advanced cases to go to a specialist and surgically reposition tissue around the involved tooth. More recently lasers have been used as an added weapon to combat the disease.

For the last 2 years, Hazel Dell Dental Care has been introducing laser treatment to our patients that our suffering with this disease. We have started using it on the teeth that we feel are ‘hopeless’. So far the results have been encouraging, to our knowledge none of the teeth that we have treated, have been lost.

In conclusion, it appears that laser therapy now being offered at Hazel Dell Dental Care, will have a significant impact on the fight against periodontal disease.