Sedation dentistry is a medical procedure often used by dentists and medical practitioners during surgery. The procedure involves the use of pain medication toput patients at ease during surgery. Sedation allows doctors to perform more comprehensive surgery in a single session, eliminating the need for multiple surgeries to treat certain conditions.

The process is recommended for individuals who suffer from dental phobia. Dentists use it to carry out dental surgeries without making the patient worried or stressed. This, in turn, helps patients overcome their fear of visiting dentists.

People who suffer from dental phobia should consider sedation dentistry to help maintain their oral health. Dental phobia may cause people to avoid or delay dental treatment, which can worsen existing dental problems.

There are many benefits to sedation dentistry, especially for people with dental phobia:

• The procedure allows the dentist to finish the treatment in a short time and in fewer visits than normal. It also helps eliminate anxiety and stress in patients before receiving dental treatment.
• Sedation dentistry can be used in different types of dental treatments to help patients relax before and during the procedures.
• People with extremely sensitive teeth who find it difficult to cooperate with dentists during treatment can benefit from sedation dentistry because it helps them relax so that they can receive the necessary procedures. It may even help reduce the pain associated with various dental procedures.
• Sedation dentistry helps those with conditions like Parkinson’s disease or gag reflexes to relax while undergoing treatment.

Sedation dentistry can be administered in various forms such as through inhalation, intravenously and orally.

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