If you have finally made the trip to the dentist and gotten dental veneers, congratulations on achieving the smile of your dreams! Your decision to improve the visual appeal of your teeth is accompanied by benefits such as added strength if the tooth was previously damaged as well as restored protection against plaque buildup.[1] The next step is to maintain your veneers with these helpful tips that Dr. LyLe Kelstrom, DDS, at Hazel Dell Dental Care recommends to his patients.

Keep Brushing
Just because you have a new cover on one or more of your teeth does not mean you will no longer have to brush and floss to take care of your pearly whites. Finding a non-abrasive toothpaste to take extra care is recommended. Regular brushing can also help keep you from needing other veneers in the future by taking care of the healthy teeth you have.

Dental Checkups
Your dentist should require you to come in after a week or so to examine the veneer and see how it is holding up inside your mouth. He or she will determine if the bonding has set correctly as well as ask about the look and feel according to your taste. Should adjustments need to be made, your dentist will act accordingly.

Although veneers do not require special techniques or new methods, it is a good idea to visit your dentist for regular cleanings for the sake of your mouth’s health as a whole. Dental professionals use a special material to polish the shells around your teeth to remove stains and continually inspect them for signs of malfunction.

If you are curious about how best to take care of your veneers, call Hazel Dell Dental Care today for an appointment with Dr. Lyle Kelstrom, DDS. We gladly offer advice as well as perform routine cleanings for our patients.