Have you always wanted beautifully straight teeth? There are many reasons for doing it beyond just wanting to look good. Did you know getting your teeth straightened can help correct your bite and make them easier to clean? If you’re ready to finally take the next step but aren’t sure which method to use, the experts at Hazel Dell Dental Care are here to help.

One of the biggest choices people make is whether to get braces or invisible aligners such as those from the InvisalignⓇ brand. Having a good understanding of each will help in making this choice. Read on to learn more, and if you still have questions, please contact us. We want to be your choice for cosmetic dentistry in Vancouver!

Cosmetic Dentistry


When you hear the term braces, you instantly think of someone, usually a child or teen, with a mouth full of metal. Braces are a series of brackets and wires that are used to push the teeth into the desired alignment. Although the most common types are made out of metal and bind to the front of your teeth, there are other options.

In addition to standard metal braces that are mounted to the front of your teeth, there are lingual and ceramic braces. Lingual braces are mounted behind your teeth, so they aren’t so “front and center”. However, having them mounted behind your teeth makes them very difficult to clean, plus they are more expensive. Ceramic braces still have wires and brackets but they are clear in color so they blend in with your teeth. They might be a good option if you hate the look of metal, but you will still experience the discomfort of braces and they will be more expensive.

Braces have been the most popular way to straighten teeth for years, but now there are better options that are nearly undetectable and much more comfortable to wear.

Invisible Aligners

For years people struggled with the pain and hassle of wearing braces. While effective, they’re difficult to clean, can be very painful, and get in the way of your natural smile. For most people, there’s no reason to keep worrying about braces being the only option. Invisalign brand invisible aligners have been on the market for almost 20 years and have helped thousands.

Invisalign invisible aligners offer many benefits that you can’t get from braces. First and foremost, there are no unsightly wires and brackets! The aligner is made out of thin plastic that is custom molded to fit your mouth. Every two weeks you receive a new aligner to continue the gentle process of moving and straightening your teeth.

Sometimes you just want to take everything out and give your mouth a rest, and with an invisible aligner, you can do that! Being able to remove your aligner for eating and brushing your teeth makes oral hygiene much easier!

One of the biggest benefits of Invisalign invisible aligners is that treatment is usually much shorter than with traditional braces. With continued use, treatment usually only lasts nine to 15 months, compared to braces that average two years!

Invisalign is a great option for many people, but you’ll want to check with your cosmetic dentist to determine if they’re right for you. Call Hazel Dell Dental Care today to schedule an appointment!