Nobody ever wants dentures, but plenty of people need them.  When most people think of dentures they think of a cartoonish situation where grandma goes to blow out the candles and — pop — out comes her dentures, falling onto the table in front of her. While there are plenty of viral videos that prove that this does indeed happen, older generations are not the only ones who utilize dentures.

People of all ages are susceptible to tooth loss from decay or trauma — and when people lose multiple teeth, they lose their smile too. A lack of teeth can cause multiple issues, ranging from issues of appearance to issues with chewing and bite. Because of this, dental practices like ours, Hazel Dell Dental Care, offer cosmetic dentistry. But what do you need to know about dentures?

How Do You Know If You Need Dentures?

Luckily, you will have a pretty good idea if you need dentures before coming to visit us at our Vancouver dental office. Typically, dentures are a result of a previous dental issue, so it is likely that if you need dentures that you might have been told by your dentist that dentures might be in your near future. Dentures are a corrective tool that not only makes it appear like you have all of your teeth but also corrects the bite — preventing other possible issues like TMJ disorder or jaw strain.

What Types Of Dentures Are There?

Because different people suffer from a multitude of different dental issues, there are a few different types of dentures that we might choose to help correct your bite and smile. Some of the most common dentures that are used are:

Classic Full – Classic full dentures are the dentures that are meant to make up for the loss of a whole set of teeth. Typically classic full dentures are only used in cases where all, or most, of the teeth are missing. Full dentures are made to fit the gum line and are typically secured with some form of adhesive.

Partial Dentures – A partial denture is similar to a full denture in structure, but are made for people that are only missing some of their teeth. Partial dentures are custom made to fit around existing teeth while fitting the denture in areas where one or more teeth are missing.

Fixed Dentures – Fixed dentures are unlike full and partial dentures in the sense that they are not easily removable. Rather than being held in place by adhesive or the existing teeth, fixed dentures are surgically implanted. Over time, the bone will grow to fuse with the implant, cementing the denture in place.

In the end, it will be entirely up to your dentist to determine what type of denture that you need, so the important part is that you see them in the first place.

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