1. The Importance Of Regular Dental Cleanings

    Take a moment, pause, and ask yourself “Have I had a dental cleaning yet this year?”. As a source of Vancouver dental care, we would be willing to say that if you had to think about it that you probably haven't had a dental cleaning within the last 12 months, and strongly suggest that you come t…Read More

  2. Four Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

    Cosmetic dentistry is generally defined as any dental procedure that improves the overall appearance of your mouth, meaning many different procedures fall into the category of cosmetic dentistry. Some of the dental procedures that fall into the category would include, dental crowns, dental bridgewor…Read More

  3. Dental Crowns in Vancouver: When to Schedule an Appointment

    Are you looking for a dentist that specializes in dental crowns in Vancouver? Dr. Kelstrom can help you. Find out if now is the time for dental crowns, or if you may need something else. About Dental Crowns If you are in need of a new dental crown to replace a damaged or broken tooth, there’s no t…Read More

  4. Dental Bridges in Vancouver- Choose the Right Dentist

    People seeking dental bridges in Vancouver turn to Hazel Dell Dental Care. Dr. Kelstrom specializes in dental bridges and other cosmetic and general dentistry to offer you the best in oral care. About Dental Bridges If you are missing one tooth or several teeth, now is the time to consider dental br…Read More

  5. Vancouver, WA Dentist Reports on the Benefits of Dental Crowns

    For dental patients who are considering procedures involving dental crowns, we have good news! Getting a dental crown is now easier and more affordable than ever before. The team of dental care experts at Hazel Dell Dental Center have compiled a comprehensive list of the benefits you can enjoy onc…Read More

  6. What to Expect When Choosing Invisalign

    The future is here, and it doesn’t have to include braces! In the past, if you wanted a beautiful, healthy smile with perfectly aligned teeth, wearing braces for a period of a year or more was your only option. Thanks to the Invisalign system, you now can achieve the smile of your dreams without h…Read More

  7. Tips for Finding a Dentist – Hazel Dell Dental Care

    Finding a dentist that’s right for yourself and your family can make all the difference in maintaining a good dental health regimen. The American Dental Association recommends at least one dental exam and cleaning per year, with two annual checkups being ideal. Why not make the experience enjoyabl…Read More

  8. Sedation Dentistry

    Sedation dentistry is a medical procedure often used by dentists and medical practitioners during surgery. The procedure involves the use of pain medication toput patients at ease during surgery. Sedation allows doctors to perform more comprehensive surgery in a single session, eliminating the need …Read More

  9. Porcelain Veneers

    If you have finally made the trip to the dentist and gotten dental veneers, congratulations on achieving the smile of your dreams! Your decision to improve the visual appeal of your teeth is accompanied by benefits such as added strength if the tooth was previously damaged as well as restored protec…Read More